At GoFast Racewear, we're more than just an apparel company; we're motorsport enthusiasts, racers, and creators, united by a deep-rooted passion for racing. We understand the thrill of the track, the camaraderie within a race team, and the unique bond that racers share with their fans. Having been part of the grassroots racing community, we've seen firsthand the need for high-quality, custom apparel that mirrors the excitement and passion of this sport. This unique insight and unwavering dedication to motorsports led to the creation of GoFast Racewear.

Built By Racers

Founded by former racer and accomplished motorsports graphic designer, Garry Ankrom, GoFast Racewear has emerged to redefine the apparel landscape for racers at all stages. We believe every racer, no matter their standing or career stage, should have the same opportunity as renowned racers to monetize their personal brands and connect with fans through high-quality, custom-designed merchandise. We're on a mission to change the status quo, moving away from basic shirts made with a Cricut and a heat press. Our vision is to bring the dream of custom motorsport apparel to reality for all racers.


By fusing state-of-the-art Print on Demand technology, including Direct to Garment Printing, sublimation, and embroidery, with vibrant, racer-inspired designs, we've revolutionized the racing apparel industry. Each piece of GoFast Racewear merchandise tells a unique story, a testament to a racer's journey, spirit, and determination.


Our unique business model provides a seamless solution for racers grappling with the traditional challenges of merchandise production and sales. By adopting an on-demand production approach, we've eliminated the need for racers to buy in bulk and handle the logistics of selling large quantities of merchandise themselves. Forget the worry of unsold inventory or selling at a loss when the racing season concludes. At GoFast Racewear, we've taken care of these hassles, empowering racers to focus solely on their true passion – Going Fast.